Alumni Spotlight

FEE alumni have accomplished so much to promote free markets, individual responsibility, and entrepreneurship around the world. Check out these featured alumni.




Ann Young has been an advocate for FEE for more than fifty years. She first encountered our work through a ladies’ book club. Ann wanted to know more about who FEE was and what we believed, so she made the long trip to our estate at Irvington on the Hudson, New York. There she met FEE’s founder, Leonard E. Read, author of “I, Pencil.” They stayed in contact for many years. 

Today, Ann is an active FEE Alumna and donor. She is also a charter member of the Leonard E. Read Society, an accomplishment that she says she values more than her college degree. She is proud of her extensive library, which houses almost every book FEE has ever published.

When asked why she’s stayed involved for so long, Ann says this: “It’s what keeps me going. I can hardly stand it anymore the way people talk and the things they do, but knowing FEE keeps me going.

Ann Young


Previous rockstars include Matt Kibbe, Savannah Lindquist, Maddie Lindeman,
Odunola and Daniel Oladejo, Faith Coyne, Joshua Sanders, Jacob Huebert, and Liya Palagashvili.




Caleb Brown

“The real 'aha' moment for me was really attending a FEE seminar. I think there are a lot of people who were like me in high school that is being bored to death by rote memorization and not really engaging with ideas in a substantive way. I think that's where FEE performs its best function which is to inspire young people to engage with so much challenging, powerful, compelling thinking. ”

Caleb Brown, Director of Multimedia at the Cato Institute

Bob Ewing

“FEE has had a tremendous impact on my life and on where I am today. I wouldn't have gotten my foot in the door at the Institute for Justice if it wasn't for having FEE on my resume and after eight years of working at IJ I was able to join the Mercatus Center. FEE taught me that regardless of how people treat me, I have the freedom to choose how I treat them. ”

Bob Ewing, Director of Communications Training and Strategy at the Mercatus Center


“During seminars, you could see kids in the breakout sessions working through ideas and really becoming alive talking to one another. They can take this information that they've learned at FEE and the thoughts that they've worked through in the seminars and use them in their everyday lives to inspire others.”

Amanda Grimmett, Community Manager at Convene Conference Centers

Clark Ruper

“I've seen a lot of students come back from FEE seminars with a much broader and at the same time deeper understanding of liberty.”

Clark Ruper, Director of Business and Talent Development at Conscious Capitalism Inc.




Alex Chafuen, Atlas Economic Research Foundation president

Edwin Feulner, Founder and Former Heritage Foundation president

Venkatesh Geriti, Award-winning Social Entrepreneur

Jack Kemp, former Vice Presidential candidate

Charles Koch, Koch Industries chairman and CEO

Rep. Ron Paul, Author, Physician, and Former Politician

Roger Ream, The Fund for American Studies president

Fr. Robert Sirico, Acton Institute founder

Dick Stephenson, Cancer Treatment Centers of America founder and chairman

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