What is the FEE Campus Ambassador Program?

The Campus Ambassador Program is an opportunity for college students who love FEE and care about human freedom to become advocates for a free society, backed by the resources of FEE. Note, we are not attempting to start a new campus organization. We're simply empowering students to leverage our existing materials in their endeavors.

What Makes It Different?

The Campus Ambassador Program is a revolution in liberty student leadership because it applies the principles we stand for: local knowledge, diffused power, individualism, self-determination, and incentives. It emphasizes the power of compassion and good ideas. It also creates a network of like-minded, passionate college students who believe in human freedom. And you'll be rewarded for the great work you do in FEE Swag, networking materials, and seminar scholarships.

Here's what our Ambassadors have to say!

"I can honestly say that becoming a FEE Campus Ambassador was one of the best decisions I made in college! I can't recommend this program enough!" - Savannah Lindquist, Temple University

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