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Our free Classroom Kits come in sets of 50. They include 50 copies of each iconic book, along with digital lesson plans and study guides for each book (sent via email).

For generations, these resources have inspired students to see the economic forces that shape our world from an entirely new and eye-opening perspective.

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Details about the Iconic Books (50 copies each)

  • Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt - With over a million copies sold since 1946, Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson is a classic economic primer. Economics in One Lesson brilliantly analyzes the seen and unseen consequences of political and economic actions. In the words of Nobel laureate F.A. Hayek, there is "no other modern book from which the intelligent layman can learn so much about the basic truths of economics in so short a time."

  • I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read - In "I, Pencil" Leonard E. Read beautifully illustrates the marvelous interconnectivity of the marketplace in this classic essay told from the viewpoint of a common pencil – an item nearly everyone uses, but no single person can make alone.

  • Great Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence W. Reed - Students today are often given a skewed account of the Great Depression of 1929-1941 that condemns free-market capitalism as the cause of, and promotes government intervention as the solution to, the economic hardships of the era. In this essay based on a popular lecture, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) President Lawrence W. Reed debunks this conventional view and traces the central role that poor government policy played in fostering this legendary catastrophe.

  • The Law by Frederic Bastiat - The Law is Frédéric Bastiat's timeless defense of the free society. With his characteristically clear writing, Bastiat lays out the formula for the proper role of the state in a free society. Nobel laureate F. A. Hayek called Bastiat a "publicist of genius." Intellectual historian Murray N. Rothbard said Bastiat was "indeed a lucid and superb writer, whose brilliant and witty essays and fables to this day are remarkable and devastating demolitions of protectionism and of all forms of government subsidy and control."

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