What's included in my Liberty Kit?

Liberty Kits contain books and other materials for student groups of 20 or more. Designed for student group leaders and teachers, they are packed full of great resources to empower you to reach more students on your campus and organize engaging club events on the principles of freedom.

Reading materials (20 copies each)



Activity Suggestions

  • Tabling supplies: These resources will be a nice addition to any tabling your group is doing on campus to build initial interest in topics such as spontaneous order, the proper role of government, influence of technology on freedom, and advice for young workers.
  • Selected readings for students: Use the books in the classroom for selected readings and informed discussion.
  • Economics in One Day activity prizes: Use the materials as prizes for your students to win as they participate in the games and activities of Economics in One Day.

Be creative! We look forward to seeing the other ways in which you use and distribute FEE resources.

Request Your FREE Liberty Kit

***Due to high demand, only DIGITAL versions of the Liberty Kit will be available until August, after which the form to apply for the full kits will become available again***

Full kits are only available for domestic shipping. Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery after request approval.

If you live outside the United States, we'll send you the liberty kit in digital format, or you may contact us to negotiate shipping.


Please Send Us Photos of Your Liberty Kit in Use

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Please send us photos of your students using their new FEE learning materials.

We love to see our content making a difference in the world!

Contact us if you have any questions.