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Why Should You Attend?

Do you want to explore world issues and answer life's most challenging questions? Interested in how to confidently argue your point of view and gain a skill set you can use no matter your career path? Discover the entrepreneurial mindset and see economics from a new perspective at FEE seminars.

FEE has been a leading non-profit organization hosting sought-after seminars across the U.S. since 1946. Recently named by Forbes as a top summer high school program, parents and teachers have entrusted FEE for decades to provide students with a safe, eye-opening learning experience.

What Will You Do?

At FEE seminars, you'll hear exciting lectures from top professors, entrepreneurs, economists, and business leaders and learn how to effectively communicate ideas. You'll also meet other driven students during on-campus events and off-campus excursions and put ideas into practice during fun activities like the Trading Game.

At the end of the seminar, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion that you can add to your resume, gain critical thinking and leadership skills that you can use to jump start your career, and understand the personal benefits of economics and strong character.

Fun and educational experiences lasting a lifetime

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FEE Seminars (Ages 14-17)

FEE Seminars & Events (Ages 18+)

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What People Are Saying

Caleb Brown

Brendan McCurdy

Bob Ewing

I've learned so much this weekend and I just wish I had this kind of high-quality, engaging exposure to economics earlier in my education! ~ Samantha Jackson, FEE Alumna

Frequently Asked Questions

How advanced are these programs?
The programs are designed to focus on fundamentals. We will talk about big ideas, and our goal is for you to leave with more confidence and prepared to take on the world. These programs should be a starting place on your journey to better understand the world and to change it for the better.

I applied for a program. When will I hear if I am accepted?
Students are accepted on a rolling basis; however, we receive many applications, so it may take a few weeks for us to get back to you. You will hear back by the middle of April at the latest.

Can international students apply?
Yes. International students are welcome to apply and attend. Please note that you are responsible for your own travel and for completing any necessary paperwork required by your country for a visa.

Can I receive classroom credit from my participation at the program?
It depends on your college or university. Check with your Dean’s office to find out if your college or university offers an independent study option. If so, you may be able to design an independent study that includes your attendance at a FEE Seminar. All seminar participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar stating the number of lecture hours that you received.

Who should I contact if I have questions that are not listed on your website?
Feel free to contact us at seminars@fee.org if you have questions.

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